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Relationship Counseling

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Whether your relationship is new or you have been in a partnership for many years, every couple can use assistance on the road to romance. 

As The Marriage Mentor™ and Certified Life Coach, my job is to guide my clients on their path to a joyous union.

I work with couples from all backgrounds, including non-tradional couples;

love is love and I honor all my clients equally.

Through my coaching program, I provide my clients with the tools to create:

  • Compassionate Communication

  • Better Intimacy

  • Understanding Love Languages

  • Healthy Expectations

  • Mutual Respect and Boundaries

Pre-marital counseling package includes two 1-hour (virtual) sessions and one ceremony planning session with the intended partners. Package Pricing $599 with custom ceremony included.

I invite you to contact me today for your complimentary consultation of how my Marriage Mentorship Program can help you be the best partner you can be for your loved one.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

~ Andrea

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